Summer 2014 : "MB" events !

LHC produces a few exciting events per year, great... but also all the "known" physics and Minimum Bias events ("MB" in every day life jargon) are the most copious ones. We do learn three things from them : information on the proton structure and hadronic interactions, how our detector works and... how they can be rejected while looking for new physics !

Very few of us try to explain the underlying physics aspects, but at least one of us did in this rather realistic blog entry called "My crazy semester thesis writing".

Other scientists in the ATLAS collaboration concentrate and get specialized in systematic and careful detector studies, which have to be re-done for every LHC beam or detector upgrade. During the latest energy increase one of them explained what it implies in a blog entry called "7 or 8 TeV, a thousand terabyte question!" and... got a very nice comment about possible help from the computing @home community ? We were not ready two years ago, we are now.

See the COMMUNITY page for the latest news about the LHC start-up in 2015. The very first real "MB events" will not be very different from what one of our colleagues explained in 2010 :





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