Project timeline

The project started end of 2013 as a test instance at IHEP, Beijing, and was migrated to CERN in May 2014. Its official birthdate in the BOINC community is June 25th 2014 and growth has been steady since then. We are referenced on the Choosing BOINC project web page and the number of users, top users and other numbers can be found on this Stats page .

Major milestones of the project were, in 2014 :

  • Move to new servers, tune jobs parameters, debug with the help of volunteers feedback and posts
  • Validation tasks, which are essential to make sure that volunteer work will be used by physicists
  • Improvements of the VM aspects (vbox stability in particular)
  • Project presented and discussed at the BOINC Workshop 2014

Spring 2015 : quite a few steps ...

  • Moved to production, the samples produced by the volunteers are fully integrated into the dataset used for physics
  • Improved underlying tools to be able to follow ATLAS software releases changes
  • LHC Run2 started (big happy time for all) and the corresponding badges were implemented (public release on July 2nd)
  • Interplay with other CERN projects improved via a new LHC at home portal
  • First public presentation at the largest HEP computing conference (paper to be published soon)

Summer 2015 : working on 3 issues :

  • Still working on providing better experience to the users
  • better volunteers map
  • events visualisation



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