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The ideas which lead to volunteer computing projects are nicely highlighted in a video How YOU can take part in a scientific breakthrough ! and a recent article Volunteer computing: 10 years of supporting CERN through LHC@home .

BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) is the most popular platform for this, and offers a wide range of projects. Two of them have successfully provided LHC and theory simulations for years at CERN, but running ATLAS simulation jobs fully integrated with the experiment production system required significant infrastructure developments (high I/O, stronger servers, release distribution) and took time. We are now ready.

Of course, what counts for us is the completion of our scientific program. But also to share "big questions" and our scientific culture with volunteers via an extensive outreach program. We also believe that the project will eventually benefit to small universities or scientists from developing regions, who want to join High Energy Physics and contribute scientifically, but do not have the cash and staff needed to support a full computing center.

Somehow, in joining us you are not only helping fundamental research, you are pushing towards a new type of world wide collaboration.

The top menus of this web site guide you through the scientific aspects of the project, whether you are driven by curiosity (visitor), thinking about joining (participant) or already familiar with BOINC (community).



  • The informations needed to join the atlas at home volunteers are on the companion BOINC site : how to get started, latest news, technical help via forums and email contacts.
  • Have a look at the right hand side menus, which provide the latest news about the project

For more questions and contact with us, please visit the Contacts page of the PARTICIPANT menu


Figure caption: 
Map of the very first atlas at home participants, in summer 2014

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