Introducing the team

The project is supported by the ATLAS collaboration, and particular by the Distributed Computing group. It is fully integrated in what is called the experiment "production system" and thus directly and indirectly benefits from the tools, expertise and support of a large number of experts :


But the project team consist of 7 ATLAS people, whose names you will recognise in the Message boards :

  • Andrej is a Slovenian physicist, and commutes every second week between the Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana and CERN. He is co-coordinating the ATLAS distributed computing operations, and follows up which simulation tasks should be proposed to volunteers.
  • Claire-ABC is the French physicist from CNRS (LAL) who maintains this site. She is the interface between this project and the ATLAS outreach and visits groups.
  • David is Scottish, works for the University of Oslo, is a distributed computing expert and belongs to the Nordugrid group whose ARC tools are used in the project.
  • Etalhod has joined the group in December 2014. She is a computer scientist and works for the Tel Aviv University. She will be deeply involved in the VM aspects of the project.
  • Lancone is a French physicist from the CEA (Saclay). He lead for long the ICB, i.e. the board which groups representatives of all the countries contributing to ATLAS computing. He looks after the overall project plus connections with the management, funding agencies and the IT department at CERN. You'll see his replies in many message boards.
  • Riccardo is an Italian physicist, works for the University of Pittsburg in the US and is based at CERN. He works on visualisation of LHC data for the ATLAS experiment, and he is in charge with the event display aspects of the project.
  • Wenjing works in Beijing for the Chinese Academy of Sciences and brought her BOINC expertise (CAS at home project) from the very beginning and is a strong project link with BOINC developers.


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