Fundamental questions

Past, present, future: a very recent CERN60 public conference reviews current questions and goals.

What is the universe made of ? Why do our discoveries shed light on the early universeWhat is the dark matter that constitutes most of our universe ? Why isn't there more anti-matter in our Universe today ? Physicists at CERN are seeking answers, using some of the world's most powerful particle accelerators, sophisticated experiments... and many computers.

This web site will try to explain what we know about the particles which cross our detectors, what your computer will be running if you join us and how physics will be extracted from these data. But below are a few links which will give you a feeling as to the reasons why we, ATLAS scientists, are so enthusiastic about fundamental research and the idea of "Mapping the secrets of the universe" ! 


Other links to some of our main questions, collected by the ATLAS outreach group physicists :

There is an abundant literature about our field, just keep in mind - if you meet one of us - that each scientist generally thinks that his subject is "the one" and will be so happy to tell you... why.



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