Completed tasks

The first WU (SUSY event and Z decays) were prototype tasks for beta testers: their contribution was priceless to get the project going. Then, we gradually moved towards production... See WU menu for hints on the physics behind :


"Minimum Bias" early tasks :

  • Run 119995, 4 tasks of 25.000 events each, submitted the 11.07.2014 : done
  • Run 119996, 2 tasks of 25.000 events each, submitted the 3.08.2014 : done

Ramping up with "Validation" tasks :

  • 25 tasks of various length : submitted the 27.10.2014 , done !  Results have being checked by ATLAS at home team (computing performance) and ATLAS validation team physicists  (reliability of the results)...  and are perfectly OK.

Moving to production tasks with "Top quark" 

  • Run 110401 : 250.000 events, started on 7.12.2014 , done !  Jan 12th : New bunch of WU is being released ... and more... and more ! April 14th : 20 million top quark pairs reported !!!! The project moves from beta testing to production.

W's tasks : reacting to an urgent need from ATLAS physics coordination

  • Run 361520, 80k WU, started on 30.5.2014, is running full speed...


Figure caption: 
ATLAS control room when first LHC collisions occured

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