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Last Tuesday, 12th of January 2016, the ATLAS@Home project reached a new milestone. The project's volunteers contributed more than 10,000 computing cores in parallel to simulate 13 TeV Monte-Carlo proton-proton collisions in the ATLAS detector, thus producing two-photon samples to study the Higgs boson properties.

Volunteers based all over the world have been contributing their computing power to ATLAS since the beginning of 2014, with the number of ATLAS@Home participants increasing steadily ever since. Almost 7000 users with 9000 personal computers currently participate in ATLAS@Home. Many of them are active all the time and provide improvements to the project's stability and performance optimizations. ATLAS@Home is now one of the largest computing sites participating in ATLAS distributed computing, even larger than some of the Tier-1 centres.


Earlier news form 2015

Older news from 2014

  • Dec 12th : welcome to Efrat, a computer scientist who joins the team
  • Dec 3rd : 10 years of volunteer computing at CERN celebrated in an ISGTW article about LHC@home
  • Dec 1rst : an article in the CERN bulletin Looking for CERN volunteers
  • Nov 28th : the first step of validation tasks, which are particularly important for the experiment and the project, are finished : big thank you to the volunteers, who even turned it into a game !
  • Nov 20th : want to know more and play with data ? CERN has just released some of them, the news is here, the web portal there
  • Nov 17th : the validation tasks which are now running are particularly important for the experiment and the project(check current tasks menu)
  • Oct 24th : Who really found the Higgs boson ? wonders the 18th issue of Nautilus dedicated to Genius and collective intelligence : some answers are in the Visitor's pages.
  • Oct 5th, 20th and 28th : what is simulation ? An ATLAS physicist explains it all in 3 new ATLAS blog entries called "defending our lives".
  • Sept 29th : 10th BOINC meeting is held in Budapest. ATLAS at home job activities can be seen via "our volunteers" right hand side menu.


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